Take me to your QR Reader

Click! And then a website popped up. That’s the power of a QR (Quick Response) code; harnessing instantaneous information through a smartphone. It’s the key factor behind QR codes becoming more common in marketing campaigns. However, there are serious logistic issues that arise when dealing with QR codes, mainly its reach. For an individual to access a QR code’s information they have to know what QR codes look like, own a smartphone and have a QR reader application installed. If any one of these criteria is missing, the message is lost and your audience becomes that much smaller. For QR codes to become a mainstream messaging avenue, the majority of audiences would have to be accustomed to the idea of constantly scanning images with their smartphones; not an easy feat. One day I was playing around with QR codes and tried to explain it to a friend only to be accused of witchcraft. “I’m not willing to deal with something that futurisitic” was her response. The majority of people are not comfortable with the idea of scanning bar codes as they walk downtown but this hasn’t stopped a few innovators from experimenting with the idea. Google has their ‘We’re a Favorite Place on Google’ and Calvin Klein redesigned a few billboards. Innovation means treading through uncharted waters, exploring new dimensions, and companies are hoping that smartphone savvy audiences will continue to grow and adapt.

Technology grows exponentially, but it’s not marketable unless the general views of a population grows along with it and that’s where QR codes find themselves today, on the edge of a new dimension asking the question: Are you willing to take the next step?

Are you willling to take the next step?


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